Wellness Retreats

wellness retreatWellness is the buzzword for people seeking a healthy getaway — retreats that give you a medical overhaul while you sun, hike, swim and eat gourmet fare that’s good for you.

Wellness retreats are no all created equal. So what should you look for when choosing a wellness or health retreat? We have provided this bit of useful information and insight that we feel will help guide you in choosing wisely. Of course, we hope that you will plan a wellness retreat to the beautiful mountains of Blowing Rock and Western North Carolina – and Westglow Resort & Spa. However, these tips will certainly aid you in choosing well, no matter where you’d prefer to travel.

Look at it this way: You are committed and have allocated the time to get away and reward yourself. A health and/or wellness retreat can be a life-changing experience. However with options as unique as the traveler, choosing the right wellness holiday for you can seem daunting.

While we can’t decide for you, these considerations will soon have you one step closer to choosing your ideal wellness retreat.

Why should I go on a health retreat?

► Achieve a healthy afterglow that long outlasts your tan.
► With the opportunity to really unplug, you can finally find the time to focus on your wellness goals and learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle.
► Whether you want to focus on yoga, meditation or relaxation, a typical day can see you enjoying a combination of indulgent spa treatments, fitness classes and wellness activities.

Westglow Resort’s wellness programs include; weight loss, anti-aging, stress relief, and sleep well programs and the BEST NEWS is that you don’t have to be awesome shape to enjoy a wellness retreat.

Wellness Programs

Westglow offers a variety of comprehensive wellness programs with general and specialty workshops/seminars aimed at helping you find renewal and rejuvenation during your spa vacation and beyond.

We invite you browse our accommodations, dining and additional information and contact us to book your wellness retreat or mountain vacation, getaway today! You can see more information about our wellness activities and programs by clicking here> Wellness Retreat Programs