Barre Blast

(Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)

Our new and exciting class, the Barre Blast, includes ballet movements in a challenging workout and incorporates, toning, sculpting, strengthening and core stabilization. Using the ballet bar and small dumbells, participants will experience a full body workout, which can produce amazing results. This class is perfect for that long, lean and sculpted look! All fitness levels.

Will a dance inspiried workout really help me lose weight?

          Yes! To begin, Barre utilizes large muscle groups in the body such as the thighs and glutes. You could burn up to 500 calories per class and this unique class is designed to evenly trim inches off the entire body . Cellulite could also disappear due to the focus on your lower body. However, Barre Blast isn’t just for losing pounds and sizes. Your alignment and posture also improve significantly with a regular routine.