(Low-Impact, Cardio)

          Aquacise increases cardio respiratory and full body aerobic strength and conditioning. Incorporates mostly low-impact dance moves combined with stretching and toning moves in an aquatic environment. All fitness levels.

          Aquacise, as we know it today, has many benefits and is a great way to have fun while concentrating on fitness. Water aerobics should be done in water waist to chest deep. The natural design of aquacise allows you to be able to elevate your heart rate and breathing, gaining the assets of a good cardiovascular workout, without most of all that stress and pressure your muscles and joints often feel in your normal daly activities. Most importantly, Aquacise ensures that you burn more fat than a normal workout and you don’t lose the energy lost in “above water” exercises.

• What can Aquacise do for me?

          Water supports up to 80% of your weight, which reduces stress on your joints and torso. Another aspect of aquacise is the Eddy Resistance, which leads to amplified muscular endurance.  The lowered gravitational force in water also leads to improved flexibility. Your heart even benefits from the resistance in the water. Due to lower gravitational force and Eddy Resistance, your heart can maintain a lower rate and pump oxygen more efficiently to the rest of the body and brain. Your calorie loss is what will impress you the most. according to you could burn anywhere from 450 to 700 calories per hour! 


          Aquacise is a great way to “hop back in the saddle” in the world of exercise and is the safest environment possible for people with injuries or long term illnesses. However, with any type of exercise regimen, you should consult with your doctor before beginning.