Fitness & Classes

luxury weight loss spaWestglow offers a variety of fitness classes, which are included with all resort packages. With the exception of  Hiking, all fitness classes are held at the Life Enrichment Center. Please see our Activity Schedule for available class dates and times. All classes are appropriate for most fitness levels. Beginners are welcome, but it is important to work at your own pace. The following classes are available:

30 Minute Meditation (Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)
Learning to meditate will help to enhance focus and concentration and will assist in relaxation and stress management. Meditation will also allow you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Recommended for all!

Aquacise (Low-Impact, Cardio)
Increases cardio respiratory and full body aerobic strength and conditioning mostly low-impact dance moves combined with stretching and toning moves in an aquatic environment. All fitness levels.

Barre Blast (Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)
Our new and exciting class, the Barre Blast includes ballet movements in a challenging workout which incorporates, toning, sculpting, strengthening and core stabilization. Using the ballet bar and small dumbells, participants will experience a full body workout which will produce amazing results. For that long, lean and sculpted look, this class is for you! All fitness levels.

Cycle (Low-Impact with High-Intensity Cardio)
Excellent cardio class that incorporates high and low intensity aerobic intervals on a stationary bike, each participant controls their own resistance and speed. Intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

Cycle & Sculpt (Low-Impact with High Intensity Cardio)
A high intensity workout which combines cardio interval training and strength training. All participants will go from cardio bursts on the bike to strength and cardio exercises off of the bike. Intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

Fitball (Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)
Excellent strengthening and stretching utilizing fit balls, your body resistance, and free weights. This class is designed to improve core strength, balance, and coordination. All fitness levels.

Gentle Stretch & Tone (Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)
This class is a gentle, effective workout to stretch and tone the muscles moderately. Forty-five minutes in length, it is great for seniors, suitable for those who have injuries, or perfect for those who just want a relaxed workout. All fitness levels.

Glow Yoga (Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)
Achieve balance between body and mind in our hatha yoga class that focuses on balance, breathing techniques and overall strength. This class is held in a mildly heated classroom to increase flexibility and release toxins. All fitness levels.

Hike (Low-Impact, Cardio)
Intensity and location is based on all participants and their goals.  Hikes include wonderful views of surrounding areas!  Expect to be off property one to two hours. Weather permitting.  All fitness levels

Mat Pilates (Low-Impact, Non-Cardio)
A challenging class utilizing the principles of Joseph Pilates. Mat exercises focus on strengthening the core as well as toning, sculpting, and increasing flexibility. All fitness levels.

Tennis Clinic (High-Impact, Cardio)
Designed for Beginners and Intermediate tennis players. Practice drills or games are used to reinforce each player’s ground strokes, volleys, serves, and game strategy.  All fitness levels.

Yoga (Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)
Hatha and Kripalu Yoga incorporate slow movement and stationary postures held long enough to strengthen and increase total body tone and flexibility. Focus is also placed on improved breathing, stress reduction and relaxation. All fitness levels.

*All classes are appropriate for most fitness levels, beginners are welcome but it is important to work at your own pace.