Transitional Skin Care


Spring is coming! We’ve had warmer than normal weather for the past several weeks, but nights still hold the chill of winter. In a turn of events, we’re forecasted to receive a big shot of winter weather this weekend while just yesterday temperatures hovered in the low 60s. The result is that our skin is a little confused.

This pattern of weather is fairly typical for late winter in the High Country and we’ve developed transitional skincare habits that are perfect for troubleshooting this time of year.

– Have Two Moisturizers on Hand
Many of us use a heavier moisturizer during the winter than we do in the summer. This time of year it can be beneficial to have both moisturizers available for use. Switching to your warm weather products too early can dry out your skin, as cold nighttime air or bursts of winter weather require nourishing products.

– “Spot Check” with Masks and Serums
Confused skin can cause specific areas of your face to dry out, break out, or suddenly become oily. Instead of treating the entire face when dry or oily patches appear, just work to normalize those areas with spot treatments. Plus, you’ll save product!

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