Thai Massage

          Shivago Komarpaj, a physician over 2500 years ago, is credited with starting the practice of Thai Massage. He was from northern India and legend claims he was a personal friend and physician to the actual Buddha. Unfortunatly, verified records of Thai Massage have been lost over time. Thai Massage started gaining global attention after World War II, and became increasingly popular in the United States as decades progressed.

          Thai Massage focuses on your energy lines called Sen Lines, and combines the benefits of massage and acupuncture. This form of massage provides deep relaxation and helps restore healthy blood circulation. It helps release energy blockages and relieves dysfunctioning organs, pain, stress/tension, flexibility, paralysis, nerve problems, and proper alignment of the spine. The goal is to stretch the entire body to achieve full relaxation. A normal session will last about two hours. Call us and book a Thai Massage today.