Tennis Clinic

(High-Impact, Cardio)

          Designed for Beginners and Intermediate tennis players. Practice drills or games are used to reinforce each player’s ground strokes, volleys, serves, and game strategy.  All fitness          Major Walter C. Wingfield is responsible for creating tennis as a sport. In 1873, he originally called it “Sphairistike”, which is Greek for ball playing. In 1877 the All England Croquet Club put on the very first World Tennis Championship known as the Wimbledon Tournament. Tennis found its way to America in 1874 when Mary Ewing Outerbridge traveled to Bermuda and met a friend of Wingfield’s. Outerbridge returned home from vacation to Staten Island, NY with all the equipment to be able to play this new interesting game. Her and her brother set up the very first tennis court in the Unites States. The first National Championship was held in 1881 at Newport, RI. As of 1915 the Championship had been moved to Forest Hills, NY and since 1978 the Tennis Association in Flushing, NY has hosted the U.S. Open.

          Tennis is a sport that forces you to use your entire body. It is a well rounded sport and can be enjoyed by an age group from one to a hundred.

Tennis• Tennis and the brain

          Tennis requires a vast amount focus that naturally helps improve quick decision making and thought processes. Dr. Joan Finn from Southern Connecticut State University compared the mental status of tennis players to athletes of other sports and non-athletes alike. The tennis players scored higher in vigor, optimism, and self-esteem. Additionally, they scored lower in depression, anger, confusion, anxiety, and tension. Aside from becoming happier, your critical thinking skills naturally improve due to the constant focusing on strategy and split-second decision making. 

• Tennis and your body

         The most obvious benefit of tennis is intense aerobic fitness, which burns fat while helping to hold a higher energy level. Because of the intense bursts of energy you exert during a game, you allow your muscles to use oxygen more efficiently. Due to the nature of tennis, players must move and react quickly to plan ahead for an upcoming strike. This movement easily improves the body’s coordination and leg strength. One of the most interesting benefits is the increase in your bone strength and density, which helps older players with Osteoporosis.