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There are two basic types of Memberships at Westglow:

Single Membership

$3,500 one-time initiation fee*
(Payable with application)


$2,100 annual dues*

Joint Membership

$6,000 one-time initiation fee*
(Payable with application)


$3,600 annual dues*

*Subject to change at the discretion of Westglow

  • Single Membership to be held by one person only.
  • Joint Membership is defined as a Membership held by any two people, whether related or not, one of whom will be designated as the “Responsible Party,”i.e., responsible for payment of all bills related to the Joint Membership account. There will be no separate billing to each Member of a Joint Membership. If one of the joint Members desires to terminate, he or she may be replaced by another person designated as the new Joint Member. The new Joint Member shall be required to pay a one-time initiation fee equal to one-half of the then current initiation fee charged for Joint Memberships.
  • Memberships may be purchased only from Westglow, and are not transferrable between Members.
  • Memberships are annual only, commencing on the day of joining for twelve (12) consecutive calendar months.
  • There are no Seasonal Memberships and Memberships may not be paused or placed on hold.
  • In addition to Membership benefits at our Life Enrichment Center, Members recieve 10% off overnight accommodations

Payment of annual dues may be made as follows:

One annual payment
Four quarterly installments
Twelve monthly installments