Salt Glow

          Salt glow is a body or skin treatment popular in many spas. Westglow’s signature Eucalyptus or Lavender & Tangerine Salt Scrub incorporates a variety of ingredients including different essential oils for perfume, minerals, and different grades of sea salts for exfoliating the skin. A salt glow is a treatment that can be combined with others, such as our Ultimate Vichy, or it can stand alone.

          A salt glow treatment exfoliates your skin to help remove all dirt and dead skin cells. The treatment encourages a luminous glow as well. Salt glows are ideal for the fall and spring, as our suntans begin to appear or fade with the change of seasons. Another benefit of a salt glow treatment is encouragement of a body’s natural blood circulation, which could help reduce the appearance of cellulite and signs of aging.