Raindrop Therapy

         Raindrop Therapy was created by Dr. Gary Young, essential oils entrepreneur, after he was inspired by a story of the Lakota Indians and their annual trip to Canada.


          Wallace Black Elk, a Lakota medicine man, and his tribe would go experience the Northern Lights, because they believed that the lights were full of energy. After establishing the Canadian border in the 1800s, the Lakota people couldn’t make the trip. So, they started using feathers to brush up and down their spine to receive energy. Dr. Young combined the knowledge that he had received from Wallace Black Elk with his knowledge of essential oils. From there he began using a “brushing” technique to apply oils to the body, and the result was what we know know as Raindrop Therapy.

          Raindrop Therapy is the only treatment that combines essential oils, manual technique, and acupressure points. The combination of those three aspects create a very unique experience. The goal of raindrop therapy is to relax the muscles, increase circulation, open receptor sites, detoxify the body, and create neurological stimulation. When teaching, Dr. Young encourages that patients receive raindrop therapy at least four times a year for regular health benefits.