Mat Pilates

(Low-Impact, Non-Cardio)

         Mat Pilates is a challenging class utilizing the principles of Joseph Pilates. Mat exercises focus on strengthening the core as well as toning, sculpting, and increasing flexibility. All fitness levels.

Mat Pilates          Joseph Hubertus Pilates spent the better part of his life developing and perfecting the Pilates exercise routine. He was born in Monchengladbach, Germany in 1883. Pilates suffered from asthma and rickets, so he decided the best way to fight his ailments was through exercise and fitness. He continued to develop his routine as he got older and ended up becoming an avid skier, diver, gymnast, and boxer. In 1962 Pilates emigrated to the United states. Years later, the New York Herald Tribune did a story on a “new wave” form of exercise called “Pilates”. Ever since then Pilates has been a staple in workout routines for many athletes, not just dancers or gymnasts.

Mat Pilates• Pilates Benefits

          On average, a person has the potential to reduce body fat by 1.2% after eight weeks of practice. One of the main benefits of Pilates is gaining a new level of core strength. A new level of strength in your core, or abdomen area, enhances your overall ability for daily functions, such as being less susceptible to future injuries. It can lead to better posture as well. Otherwise, bad posture can cause injuries if not taken care of properly and can cause discomfort in your spine. Try it out to see for yourself how much better you body will feel after a session of Pilates.