Hiking Program

Our Private Hiking Program opperates separately from our Daily Guided Hikes.

Are you looking to get outside, breathe deep, and take in the beauty of the High Country? If so,  skilled hiking guides are ready to lead you on the many great trails that surround Westglow Resort and Spa. Complimentary Morning Guided Group Hikes for overnight and Day Spa Package guests begin at 9am and are finished no later than 11am. No reservation is required and guests of all fitness levels are welcome. Private Guided Hikes of varying distance, difficulty, and time are available as well. We suggest you read through the following trail menu and call Westglow to reserve your own. Be sure to call in advance as availability is limited. All guided private hikes begin at 1pm. Snacks and water are provided by Westglow.


A La Carte / Bed & Breakfast – $130/person (One Service)

Price Lake Trail: (2 to 2.5 hours) This 2.5 mile trail circles Price Lake and offers many wildlife viewing opportunities. Look for numerous types of birds, turtles, and evidence of beaver. This wooded walk with little elevation change includes a long boardwalk over a boggy area and stream. The views of Grandfather Mountain are particularly photogenic on the east bank.

Trout Lake & Rich Mountain Trails: (2 to 2.5 hours) The shores of Trout Lake are covered in a mature forest of towering trees. The loop trail around the lake is an easy 1.2 miles with secure footing. A gradual climb on carriage trails leads to open meadows and slightly obstructed views from Rich Mountain. The length of this hike is between 2.5 to 4 miles, depending on which of the alternate trails is chosen.

Linville Falls: (3 to 3.5 hours) View the most popular waterfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway via the Linville Falls Trail. An easy walk on a smooth pathway takes you to four overlooks along the rim of the gorge. These overlooks present a variety of perspectives of the upper falls, lower falls and the gorge itself as it cuts through the mountain. The lower falls is a thunderous 45 foot drop and the largest volume waterfall on the Blue Ridge. En route to Linville Falls, enjoy a 25 mile ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which includes the famous Linn Cove Viaduct.


A La Carte / Bed & Breakfast – $130/person (One Service)

Green Knob Trail: (2 to 2.5 hours) This 2.3 mile hike on a narrow trail begins by circling Sims Pond. It features wildflowers, numerous small stream crossings, mountain laurel, pasture lands and views of Grandfather Mountain. This popular hike has tricky or difficult footing in places.

Flat Top Mountain Lookout Tower: (2.5 to 3 hours) A 5.4 mile long trail beginning with a 2.7 mile moderate ascent on carriage trails with numerous switchbacks. The peak yields a 360-degree view from the steel observation deck of a 40 foot high tower. The tower stands at the highest point of the 3,500 acre Moses H. Cone Memorial Park. Your guide will point out Grandfather Mountain, Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain and Hanging Rock, among many others. The town of Boone is also visible. Return on the same 2.7 mile trail and enjoy the meadows, vistas and view of Blowing Rock.

Glen Burney Falls (45’) & Glen Marie Falls (55’): (2.5 to 3 hours) The trail head for this 3 mile round trip hike is located right in Blowing Rock. The trail steeply climbs 525 feet on the return trip but the view of the impressive falls and smooth rock slide called the Cascades is worth the effort.

Nuwati Trail to Storyteller Rock:  (2.5 to 3 hours) A 2.9 mile narrow trail with a significant yet gradual climb to Storyteller Rock, an enormous rock outcrop on the Boone Bowl. The Boone Bowl is visible from Westglow, just below the distinct Calloway Peak of Grandfather Mountain. From Storyteller Rock the view stretches out for miles. There are several beautiful stream crossings and rhododendrons form a tunnel to hike through along the trail.

Boone Fork Trail: (3 to 3.5 hours) Local hikers list this 4.9 mile trail as their favorite loop hike in the High Country, because of the great variety of terrain. Experience rolling hills and cow pastures, which yield great views of Grandfather Mountain. There are numerous creek crossings as the Fork River runs alongside the trail for over a mile, as well as rhododendron tunnels, Hebron Falls hidden among massive boulder fields, a dense hardwood forest, and an abundance of wildflowers. The grade for the majority of the trail is moderate, but there are a few short sections of rocky uneven stairs and one short wooden ladder.

Linville Falls & Gorge Trail: (3 to 3.5 hours) Bring your camera and capture the power and beauty of the highest volume waterfall on the Blue Ridge. The Plunge Basin Trail descends about one-third of the way into the basin to a rocky platform jutting out from the cliff like balcony seats. The view provides a fantastic look at the thunderous 45 foot drop of the lower falls. The Gorge Trail takes you on a sharp and rocky descent to the bottom of the gorge where you get a new grand perspective of the falls. Time should permit some boulder hopping at the river’s edge. It is a strenuous hike back up but the sheer cliffs alongside the trail will help take your mind off the effort. Total hiking distance is just 1.8 miles but the elevation gain and loss is significant. En route to Linville Falls, enjoy a 25 mile ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which includes the famous Linn Cove Viaduct.


A La Carte / Bed & Breakfast – $260/person (Two Services)

Elk Knob Mountain Summit: (3 to 3.5 hours) At 5,520 feet Elk Knob is one of the highest peaks in North Carolina. The 4 mile beautiful and well maintained trail is graded with solid footing. It gradually climbs 1,000 feet using many switchbacks. On the summit you are rewarded with spectacular views in many directions. Signs at the peak identify the significant mountain ranges that can be seen. This accessible high country summit hike is just a 30 minute drive from Westglow.

Cragway Trail and Boone Fork Bowl: (3 to 3.5 hours) This hike on the east slopes of Grandfather Mountain explores the bowl area that is visible from the porch of Westglow Manor. The rugged 4.5 mile loop trail connects the Tanawha Trail, Boone Scout Trail, Cragway Trail and Nuwati Trail. There are several stream crossings and rhododendrons are plentiful. The Cragway Trail section is narrow and steep and has several large rock outcroppings with grand vistas both into the Boone Bowl and across the valley. The trail also features spectacular views from atop Flat Rock and Storyteller Rock.

**◊ Calloway Peak via the Profile Trail: (4.5 to 5.5 hours) This 7 mile out and back trail to the summit gains 2,100 feet from its trailhead on N.C. 105. The hike is known as steep, challenging, tiring, yet extremely rewarding. The beginning is leisurely as you hike along a stream. The intense climbing begins around the one mile mark. The last mile is an even steeper section with many large boulders to navigate near the peak. About two-thirds of the way up is Profile View where the rock juts out resembling an old man’s face. The Watauga View Overlook and the summit of Calloway Peak offer terrific long range views.

**◊ Calloway Peak via the Boone Scout Trail: (4.5 to 5.5 hours) The trailhead for this 7.1 mile hike is on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trail gains 2,000 feet to the summit and has in place ladders to help through several steep sections. The advantages of this trail are that it is less traveled than the Profile Trail, is slightly easier (although still strenuous), has a good view of the Linn Cove Viaduct, and about a third of the way down on your descent you can take the Cragway Trail to the Nuwati Trail, which makes this hike a partial loop. The Cragway Trail has rock outcroppings that offer great views of the valley. The summit of Calloway Peak allows you to see for miles.

Please note that our complimentary morning guided hikes are still available to overnight guests, day spa patrons, members, and member guests. Begin at 9am.

† – Athletic type secure sandals; walking,running, or hiking shoes are acceptable footwear.

€ – Please note that this trail can get muddy so it is best to hike in shoes that you are okay with getting a little muddy.

∞ – We suggest no flip-flops, but sandals are acceptable footwear.

‡ – Shoes with good tread are recommended for this hike as the trail can be muddy and a little slick.

◊ – Bring an extra jacket as the weather at the summit can be unpredictable.

** – This is a significant hike, we recommend sturdy supportive footwear.