(Low-Impact, Cardio)

          Intensity and location is based on all participants and their goals. Hikes include wonderful views of surrounding areas! You may participate in your choice of a three mile hike for an hour or a six mile hike for two hours. All fitness levels.Hike


• Mental Benefits of Hiking

          Along with the normal physical benefits, hiking also helps with mental stimulation by relaxing and relieving stress simply by being surrounded by nature. Hiking has been shown to ease the symptoms depression and encourage a better state of mind. With these added benefits, hiking is an easy way to relax your mind after a stressful day.

• Body Benefits

          Hiking is a great workout for your body, even if its just a light afternoon stroll.  Exercising outside helps your body absorb Vitamin D, which helps maintain good bone health. Additionally the caloric benefits of hiking are substantial. A strenuous hike can burn 250 calories per hour. Furthermore, hiking doesn’t just take the pounds off; it helps keeps them off compared to diet alone. Lets live a healthier life and go take a hike!