High Intensity Interval Training

(Low/High-Imapct, Cardio)

          Burn calories fast with High Intensity Interval Training. This is a super charged, challenging workout which includes fast and furious segments of cardio activity, weight training and plyometrics.

          High Intensity Interval Training ,or “HIIT”, is an exercise method where you push your body as hard as it can go for a set time length, then let your body rest for another set time length.  It was mainly used for running training in its earlier days. A runner by the name of Emil Zatopek started experimenting with the unique training style. He would use methods such as wearing army boots during training, because they were added weight. When he found out other athletes had started using weights as a method of training he started running intervals up and down mountains with his wife on his back. Today, athletes from just about every sport incorporates HIIT into their regimen because of the fast and lasting results.

          High Intensity Interval training is often incorporated into your normal workout routine. It can fit into just about any workout routine and can be altered just about anyway to whatever workout you like best. wether its running, jumping, playing basketball, or even swimming, HIIT will fit!

• HIIT your body into shape!

          High Intensity Interval Training is very effective due to the constant fast/slow back and forth. If you are practicing the Tabata Method then you go full force, in whatever the exercise consists of for twenty seconds and then rest, or only exert 25% of your effort for ten seconds. That would be considered one round and a complete session of HIIT would be eight rounds. The secret is that the break in-between full efforts allows your body to rest and kicks your body’s repair cycle into overdrive. Which causes you to burn fat throughout the 24 hours after your workout!