Glow Yoga

(Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)

Achieve balance between body and mind in our hatha yoga class that focuses on balance, breathing techniques and overall strength. This class is held in a mildly heated classroom to increase flexibility and release toxins. All fitness levels.

Yoga is an exercise routine that has a very colorful history and is surrounded by amazing legends of its birth. Hatha yoga has many benefits, from physical to mental. It is also a way to balance your body back to where it needs to be from all the everyday activities that cause us to be unbalanced. Most forms of exercise or recreational activities cause an imbalance in our body, because those activities only exercise a specific section of our bodies and if other areas are ignored it could cause future injuries

Glow Yoga


• How will Yoga balance my body?

          Yoga is an all around workout for your body and helps keeps you balanced. A yoga routine will help stretch muscles that have shortened, due to stress and tension, but also corrects muscles that have been over stretched and lengthened. The University of California at Davis studied students who did eight weeks of yoga. Before and after they tested them  in muscular strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, and lung function. After the eight weeks they averaged out the results and found the group improved their muscular strength by 31%, muscular endurance by 57%, and flexibility by 188%.

• How will Yoga help my brain?

          In yoga. you will spend a lot of time meditating by doing breathing exercises and learning to focus within. Depression can be overcome as well by deterring negative thoughts and focusing on positive feelings such as love and gratitude. Because yoga and meditation go hand and hand, you will also improve your short term memory which is where our brain goes when it wants to managing info, control our emotions, problem solve, or generate complex thoughts. Overall, yoga has many benefits and should not be looked over as a great way to get into shape.