Gentle Stretch & Tone

(Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)

This class is a gentle, effective workout to stretch and tone the muscles moderately. Forty-five minutes in length, it is great for seniors, suitable for those who have injuries, or perfect for those who just want a relaxed workout. All fitness levels.

Stretching compliments many other exercise routines. However, it can be a workout by itself if done correctly, because stretching helps lengthen and relieve tense muscles.

• How Gentle Stretch and Tone Works Alone:

          Stretching, if done correctly, can be a full-body workout and highly beneficial. It bolsters circulation, which brings nutrients to a body’s cells and helps remove waste and toxins. Muscles can play a large role in chronic bad posture as well. So, stretching the lower back, shoulders, and chest will help strengthen those muscles and protect the spine, allowing for better posture. Proper stretching can also increase overall range of motion and decrease pain in the hamstrings, lower back, and hip muscles.