(Non-Impact, Non-Cardio)

          Excellent strengthening and stretching utilizing fit balls, your body resistance, and free weights. This class is designed to improve core strength, balance, and coordination. All fitness levels.

          The credit for the start of the Fitball workout cannot be given to one individual. Around 1963 in Italy, Aquilino Consani perfected the development of a large, puncture-resistant plastic ball. It was originally meant to be a children’s toy, but then a Swiss doctor by the name of Susan Klein-Vogelbach started using it in her physical therapy clinic. Today Fitballs are a staple in almost any gym, and can be incorporated into many workouts.


How much can I improve my core?

          If a Fitball is used correctly you can strengthen your abdominal and lower back muscles significantly. These are the muscles we use in almost all of our daily activities, including reaching, lifting, and bending over. Our core is important and is made up of several muscles that keep us upright and healthy. By sitting on a Fitball you are engaging those muscles out and simultaneously improving your balance.