Facial Treatment

          The history of facial treatments goes back a long way. Many different cultures had some form of treatment to rid the face of imperfections and to give a healthy glow. In fact. facial techniques have been recorded as far back as 3,000 B.C. Around the 1500s, in the Elizabethan Era, pale skin was a sign of wealth and power. People used what they called Ceruse to accomplish a ghost like complexion, which is a mixture of white lead and vinegar. Queen Elizabeth is one of the most famous people to have used this method of facial treatment. The Egyptians were another culture that thought your skin and more importantly your face needed to be moisturized and rid of dirt. They, unlike the Europeans, liked to use Fenugreek. It is a grass-like plant with several medical and ceremonial purposes. It is potent when it comes to skin care and ridding it of imperfections.

          Getting a facial today is much safer than it was during the time of Queen Elizabeth, because they are modeled more after the Egyptians way with more natural ingredients. First, facials are simply relaxing and help melt stress away with the help of wonderful scents from essential oils and creams. Second, facials help deep clean your skin and remove toxins and dirt. Finally, they moisturizes so skin doesn’t dry and crack. A little known fact is that facials help imporve blood circulationm which is the reason for that wonderful glow you get afterwards. Contact us to book your treatment now!