Dr. Hauschka

          In 1935, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka began developing natural medicines with no need for alcohol as a preservative. there was select groups of people who recognized the brilliance behind Dr. Hauschka’s products and promoted its use. When Dr. Hauschka began in ’35 he opened subsidiaries in Vienna, Austria and London, England. Quickly after though, The Nazi Party Banned Dr. Hauschka’s product and went as far as imprisoning him and his future wife Dr. Margarethe Stavenhagen. After the war Dr. Hauschka went back to work and searched for the perfect place to have his home base. Finally he decided to settle in Baden-Württemberg, Germany where the offices, gardens, and farms still remain.


Hauschka          Dr. Hauschka, as a company, didn’t get involved in the world of natural skin care until the 1960s when an Esthetician named Elisabeth Sigmund joined the team. Elisabeth used what is called WALA remedies, a natural approach to medicine, for her own skin care products. She moved to Baden-Württemberg shortly after meeting Dr. Hauschka to help develop holistic skin care products. They finally achieved their goal, and in 1967 released their first line of skin care that did not use any chemical or synthetic emulsifiers. Four short years after the release, Elisabeth trained the first Dr. Hauschka Esthetician on the Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment. That treatment has served as the base of all the signature treatments that followed.

          In the year 1999, Dr. Hauschka released an all natural make-up line, which also nourished your skin with natural ingredients. The company is always researching and improving on their methods for skin care, which is why they are a top of the line producer of skin care products.