New Dinner Menu

Rowland’s Restaurant is pleased to present a new indulgent dinner menu. Executive Chef Mark Thomas paid homage to classic French cuisine in creating the new menu, while infusing a sense of the North Carolina High Country throughout.

Black truffles feature prominently throughout dishes including the Eggs Rachel, the Black Truffle Pasta, and the Roasted Chicken. Traditional French dishes such as Salmon Grenobloise, Sea Bass St. Jacques, and Beef Bourguignon have quickly become popular entrée choices. Click here to view the entire menu.

Rowland’s is open to the public nightly and reservations are required. Please call 828.295.5141 for reservations or visit

Midweek Specials + Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day all winter long! Westglow has unveiled seasonal midweek specials that are sure to satisfy the most discerning loved one.

Spend more and save more at our Life Enrichment Center now through March 31st! Monday through Thursday Sampler, Deluxe, and Dayglow Day Spa Packages are $200, $275, and $350 respectively. All Day Spa Packages include spa services, access to all spa facilities, and a four course spa lunch.

For guests looking for a more expansive midweek stay, Westglow is offering a one night, two people Resort Package Overnight Stay for $750. This package is available Sunday-Thursday and includes spa services, chocolate covered strawberries, a three-course dinner, and a bottle of wine.

Rowland’s Restaurant is showcasing a three course dinner for two and a bottle of wine Sunday-Thursday now through March 31st. The menu features select items from our new Winter Menu and offers a well-balanced wine menu. During Valentine’s Weekend, Rowland’s will be featuring select dishes in addition to our Winter Menu. Click here to view the Midweek Menu and Valentine’s Features. Please call 828.295.5141 for reservations.

New Instagram Pages

Westglow is excited to announce three new Instagram accounts! Westglow Weddings, Westglow’s Salon, and Rowland’s Restaurant will now have their own pages in addition to Westglow’s main account.

The weddings page will feature all aspects of a Westglow wedding. Our venue can host any type of event and this new Instagram is meant to highlight the best that Westglow has to offer! Stay tuned to see ceremonies, cakes, receptions, food, portraits, and more!

Rowland’s Restaurant has been a cornerstone of Westglow Resort & Spa for over a decade and we are proud to allow the restaurant its own account to showcase fine dining in the High Country. Look for photos of our various dining areas, indulgent wines, and stunning cuisine!

Westglow’s salon is a lively hub of renewal within our Life Enrichment Center. Our hair stylists and nail technicians are among the best and most talented in the area. We are excited to showcase our beautiful salon and transformative services on Instagram.

These new accounts can be found on Instagram at rowlandsatwestglow, weddingsatwestglow, and salonatwestglow. We look forward to interacting with you on social media!

Sunday Brunch

Celebrate summer in Blowing Rock with friends and family at Westglow’s Sunday Brunch. Rowland’s Restaurant will host Sunday Brunch through the warmer months and we look forward to seeing you soon! Join us for classic favorites and unique Rowland’s creations, while enjoying breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Please call 828.295.5141 for reservations. Click here to view the menu.

New Water Initiative

Westglow is going green!

Disposable plastic water bottles take hundreds of years to biodegrade and add millions of tons of waste each year to our landfills. We now provide each overnight guest with a personalized, complimentary re-usable water bottle and offer a refilling station of our filtered natural spring water in our Life Enrichment Center. If you’d like to join our initiative, additional bottles may be purchased in our Life Enrichment Center.

Savor Wine Dinner

Join us for “A Taste of France” at Rowland’s Restaurant. On Friday, May 3rd Rowland’s will host an indulgent wine dinner for $150 per person. Cost includes five courses and wine pairings. Additional bottles of wine will be available for sale at a discounted rate. Price excludes gratuities and tax. This wine dinner is proudly part of Blowing Rock’s larger Savor Blowing Rock Wine and Food Festival. The weekend will feature a variety of other wine-related events and Rowland’s Restaurant is happy to add a fine dining option to the Festival.

Click here to view the menu. Please call 828.295.5141 for reservations.

First Snowflakes of the Season

Fall snows are not uncommon in the High Country. Mountain temperatures during the autumn season can be unpredictable and occasionally visitors and residents will be treated to an early snowfall. Last weekend, Westglow became a momentary winter wonderland as gusty winds and light snow showers enveloped the landscape.

Accumulation was little more than a dusting, but the quick dose of winter weather reminded us of the joys in the upcoming season. We love fall and its bountiful colors, but truly every season at Westglow has its own beautiful characteristics and winter is no exception. More frequent snows are on the horizon! If you were unable to visit us during leaf season, we hope to see you enjoying Westglow as a winter escape very soon.

2017 Solar Eclipse


Much of the country was swept up in the 2017 Solar Eclipse earlier this week and Westglow was no exception! Everyone on property was prepared with eclipse glasses and our Graphic Designer even purchased a special lens for our camera. In fact, the entire of town of Blowing Rock was ready to make the most of this amazing event and our local Chamber of Commerce had a “Dark in the Park” event with Moon Pies, Sun Chips, and all thing eclipse related.

Unfortunately, clouds rolled in leading up to the peak moment of the eclipse and we were all a little worried we would miss the fantastic view. Thankfully our fears were alleviated when we realized our glasses were strong enough to see through thin clouds and our special lens captured several fantastic shots! In all, the day was incredibly memorable and we hope everyone caught a glimpse of that unforgettable event.

Recipe: Belgian Endive Salad

Summer is a season for salads! They’re refreshing, easy to make, and help us stick to our warm-weather wellness goals. The only downside to these nutrient packed dishes is that they can become monotonous day after day. So, in the spirit of keeping summer dining interesting, we’ve shared a salad recipe that will help mix up your normal cooking routine!

Click here to view our Belgian Endive Salad recipe!  We have another variation of an Endive Salad on our current summer menu and we hope to see you dining with us soon! Call 828.295.5141 to make dinner reservations at Rowland’s Restaurant or visit

The Three F’s of Enjoying Wine

“Sometimes it’s easy to overthink the glass of wine in your hand. It’s not always about how wine looks, smells, and tastes. Long before I truly understood the wine in my glass, I only related to how it made me feel. Did it take me somewhere I had never been before? Could I get a sense of its history? I was transfixed by the elements of weather, earth, and physical hardships that it took to make that particular glass of wine.

Over time, my juvenile notions grew into dinner parties. While it was my passion for wine that drove me to study and want to learn all I could, these parties taught me true appreciation of wine. I had studied so many literal things about wine. Words like terroir, producer, AOC, varietal, and harvest were part of a new language, but a language I quickly realized was only spoken by other sommeliers. So, when I was finally given the chance to go on the floor as the sommelier for a restaurant, I quickly realized this new found language was not the ideal way to connect to our guests. I had to find a way to talk to my audience, and then I remembered the dinner parties. We all have our own way we describe wine. We all have our own language. The key to being a good sommelier is listening and interpreting. Someone might interpret a red wine with overripe fruit as sweet; even though I know most red wines are bone dry. Others might find a particular white wine tart and lacking body, while I know it is just young and too cold.

As a sommelier, I am not just a consumer or someone who loves wine. It is my job to sell wine. And sometimes, in a world of quotas, budgets, and ego it is easy to create a sense of division between seller and buyer. In the most arrogant of situations, the professional forgets they can still learn something. So at the end of the day, I remind myself that we are all enthusiasts.

So I offer the three F’s:
1. Favorites
The first question I ask any guest is “what do you drink at home.” This question establishes a baseline and it lets me know what you enjoy as a wine consumer. As a sommelier and salesperson, I have created a wine program that caters to all likes and therefore have a wine selection to satisfy everyone’s personal taste.
I am the first one to advocate stepping out your comfort zone, but until you are comfortable with the salesperson, stick to your guns. Make them make you happy. There is a time and place for adventure.
2. Friends
Experience is everything. An environment where all thoughts and opinions are free flowing and comfortable is central to a memorable wine experience. This comfort comes from good company and a mutual respect for different opinion. You tasted cherry. I tasted raspberry. Well, all red wine tastes like cherries and raspberries. Wine is subjective, so you should have fun debating it. “Is that cherry unripe or just cherry pie?” “Are you really tasting raspberry or is it actually cranberry?” I am amazed on a daily basis by the amount I learn about wine by simply listening to another person’s interpretation.
3. Food
As a lover of wine, I will certainly agree that some wines are delicious as an aperitif or a digestif. I can certainly start the evening with a glass of rosé and end with a madeira, but most wine is made to be enjoyed with food. I’ve never had a Gruner Veltliner come alive until it was married with fried chicken. The bodacious nature of a vintage Champagne gives balance to a ribeye topped with grilled bacon and morel butter poached lobster knuckle meat. Chablis pairs perfectly with oysters. I could go on and on. Wine is food. Not in any literal sense of vegetable, starch, or protein, but certainly as an accoutrement.
The pairing of food and wine is the beginning of the true adventure. Sure, we have to consider what we are drinking. But most importantly, why are we drinking it, who are we drinking with, and what are we drinking it with?”


– Gary Brown C.S