Weight Loss Spa Vacation

weight loss spa vacationsIf you are in the market for a weight loss spa vacation, you’re on the right track. Westglow Resort and Spa offers more than the indulgent pampering; we feature an exclusive one-week weight loss package that may change your weight but will certainly change your life. All of our packages and services are meant to promote health and wellness, so you can’t go wrong, but if you’re looking for something a little more intensive, the Weight Loss Package is the way to go.

It’s strategically designed to be both fun and challenging. You’ll have plenty of time to rest and reflect amidst your hard work and focus. The program targets every aspect of maintaining a healthy weight to ensure you’re going about it the proper way. Accordingly, you’ll be able to sustain your efforts long after you check out. This journey will nourish your mind and body through nutritious gourmet meals, personal training, wellness consultations, hands-on education, and premier spa services.

Westglow Resort and Spa is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, boasting a remarkable outdoor setting. Our spot in the Blue Ridge Mountains is one of inspiration. Upon arriving, guests immediately start to embrace the natural energy and are on their way to rejuvenation. Furthermore, our area affords many recreational opportunities that will complement your endeavors. What’s more, this package includes daily guided morning hikes to kick off the day’s events and instill a sense of motivation.

Vacations are not typically centered on health. Make a change and treat yourself to a new kind of getaway. (Re)Discover what it’s like to live a life of balance and harmony. Improve your self-worth and establish a genuine sense of well-being. Come to Westglow Resort and Spa for the ultimate weight loss spa vacation.