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Spa Fitness Services Rates

Make a Commitment to Healthy Living.
Let your new commitment to healthy living and fitness begin with a visit to our mountain resort and spa. Whether you are here as a day guest, on a weekend getaway, or part of a company retreat, Westglow’s fitness services and classes will give you the motivation to begin or update your own personal exercise/fitness routine. Here are a few of the opportunities awaiting our guests:

Fitness Classes

Westglow offers a variety of fitness classes, which are included with all resort packages. All fitness classes are held at the Life Enrichment Center with the exception of trail running, boot camp and the morning hike. Please see our Activity Schedule for available class dates and times. All classes are appropriate for most fitness levels. Beginners are welcome, but it is important to work at your own pace.



  Bed & Breakfast/
A la Carte
Fitness Assessment       $100   $125 (one hour)
Personal Training       $70   $95 (one hour)
Pilates Lessons       $80   $110  
Couples Pilates       $140   $190  
Tennis Lessons       $70   $85