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Spa Health & Wellness

Experience Renewal And Take It Home With You.
At Westglow Resort & Spa, we believe in the power of well-being. We approach renewal and rejuvenation holistically with an emphasis on personal attention. Through education, motivation and relaxation, our goal is to extend the benefits of your spa vacation long after the weekend retreat. To accomplish that goal, our extensive health spa offerings are divided into three primary areas – Nutrition & Diet Services, Wellness Services and Wellness Programs.

Nutrition & Diet Services
Our personalized Nutrition and Diet Services program centers on the evaluation and management of individual nutritional needs. Through a customized offering of workshops and other services, our guests learn about their body composition and how to evaluate their own metabolism. This information can then be used to tailor a diet and exercise program to fit the unique needs of each individual. Westglow further offers guests the opportunity to explore their own unique needs with a personal assessment and diet consultation followed by a grocery store tour and cooking class on how to prepare healthy meals at home.

Wellness Services
As a health and wellness spa, Westglow offers a full complement of select wellness services that explore the mind/body/spirit connection. Our comprehensive wellness program features workshops and professionally-led seminars in stress reduction, the mind/body connection, couples communication, creating balance and goals, self-esteem and body image, and life enhancement. Other workshops addressing specific needs include classes in the grief and loss journey, burnout prevention and healing, and women and cancer.

Wellness Programs
Westglow offers a variety of comprehensive wellness programs with general and specialty workshops/seminars aimed at helping you find renewal and rejuvenation during your spa vacation and beyond.